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Financial Tips for Federal Employees & Retirees – January 2020

  Here are a series of financial tips/information for designed for quick reading, written in the style of Twitter.         In May 2019 the yield curve inverted which means shorter term U.S. Treasuries had a higher yield than longer term ones. This created angst with investors as the yield curve could be one sign that a recession is on the horizon for 2020. It isn't intuitive that long-term bonds yield less than short-term bonds since you are risking money over a longer period. This may happen when the demand of safe investments (long term US Treasuries) increases and the yield drops (as the issuer has an oversupply of bond buyers so there is no incentive to keep rates high). The last seven recessions have been preceded by an inverted yield curve. But not every instance of an inverted yield curve has resulted in a recession. The yield curve has since corrected since May.         If your income modified adjusted gross income is more than $87K (single) or $174K (married) yo