Financial Tips for Federal Employees - July 2019

Here are a series of financial tips/information for designed for quick reading, written in the style of Twitter.

  • Positive returns across the board for June 2019 in the TSP: .19% for the G fund, 1.26% for the F fund, 7.04% for the C Fund, 6.80% for the S fund and 5.94% for the I Fund.
  • Please remember that beneficiary designations on accounts (like on the TSP) supersede any declarations on a will.
  • If benefits are not cut by 23% or taxes are raised, the social security trust fund will run out of money between 2032 and 2034.
  • You don’t have to take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from your TSP if you are still working, regardless of age. If you are retired, they begin being due April 1 of the year AFTER you turn 70.5.
  • Please remember that FICA and Medicare are two wage taxes you won’t have to pay in retirement.
  • Federal retirees can make changes to their FEHB options during open seasons. They can also add/drop family members at qualifying life events such as a divorce, marriage, adoption etc.
  • All CSRS retirees and survivors receive COLAs. FERS nondisabled retirees under 62 don’t. At 62, they receive a COLA. It is reduced if the rate of inflation is over 2%.


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